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"I’m a Queen because my crown was worth fighting for." ☥







what do white people even protest about

Longer chipotle hours

lower costs for guacamole

more brown rice. just a little.

A larger Starbucks cup size

laws to legalize fucking snakes and children

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Everyone need to get this app. It uses GPS to locate and map all black owned businesses… #AroundTheWay #abe #buyblack #blackaugust
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Happy 16th Birthday  to my Lil Alien 👽 @arogent_by_choice !!!!!! I know we don’t get to spend much time with each other but I couldn’t think of anyone else I would like to have as a little sister. You are a brilliant, weird, artistic, and odd child and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m sorry I wasn’t about to see you on your special but I’ll make it up to you! LOVE YOU JAISHA AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🐷👽🎈🎉👻 🎨🎂 #TurnUp #YourAlmostGrown #CollegeIsInTheNearFuture #Bruhhh


White people be like “don’t fight hate with hate” and “violence isn’t the answer” but like to forget that they literally fought a full blown war cause they wanted “independence”.

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A1 of today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch.